Published on : 21 October 20212 min reading time
Over time, strong bonds are formed with work colleagues. They are like a second family, present at all moments of life. Soon, it’s your colleague’s birthday and you want to make him/her happy? If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift, here are some ideas to pick from.

Personalized gifts, a sign of special attention

It’s customary to give a box of chocolates on birthdays. But what if you opt for a more original gift this year? For example, you can offer a personalized mug with small messages of encouragement or thanks. By the way, these mugs are very useful during breaks throughout the day. You can also have a group photo taken during company events framed. It’s these little touches that create a real bond of friendship between colleagues. Are you a bit stingy when it comes to gifts? We have the solution. You can create personalized “Do It Yourself” decorative objects. On the internet, there are hundreds of videos to create lighting fixtures, personalized vases, etc. With a little resourcefulness, you can please your colleague without spending a lot of money.

Office accessories, a gift that is both useful and decorative

Does your colleague’s desk look a little empty? For his or her birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to give him or her some fancy, designer desk accessories. You will have a wide range of choices: a desk watch with unusual drawings, a cushion with a funny text written on it, pens with original shapes, personalized notebooks, figurines… On the market, there is a multitude of ideas for a colleague’s birthday gift depending on your budget. To make the right choice, you simply have to find an object that matches his personality and taste.

An all-expenses paid outing with colleagues

You want to mark your colleague’s birthday with a white stone? The best thing to do is to organize an outing for two or a group. It will be an opportunity to enjoy good times outside the office. You can opt for the famous restaurant outings, concerts or cinema. Escape games are also very popular nowadays. You can organize this kind of activity in a group. The ideas for gifts and activities are numerous. So be creative and surprise your colleague.