Birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve celebrations, corporate success - there are plenty of occasions to give gifts to your colleagues and business partners. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant gift, chocolate is perfect for you. Here are some options to choose from.

Chocolate boxes for a variety of flavors

The first option you will find in any chocolate shop is the chocolate box. It is up to you to choose the assortments you want for a corporate chocolate box. You will have a wide choice at your disposal. Milk ganaches. Chocolate rocks. Dragees. Swiss pralines. Dark grand crus. Dried fruit chocolates. And many more. Choose according to your employees' taste, if you know it. Or if not, ask the salesperson or the chocolatier himself to advise you. And choose among the best ones in their shop window. You can also taste them yourself and choose the ones you find delicious. Vary the assortments to make your gifts tastier and better. Then put them in the most beautiful box.

Personalized chocolates for a great present

Chocolate is a perfect gift for your employees. And it's even more perfect if it's personalized because it will be unique and original. A multitude of personalization options are available to you. All you have to do is choose the one you think is appropriate for the occasion. You can order chocolates with an alphabet message. You can put a few words of thanks followed by a first name for example. You can also choose words to wish many happinesses or words of encouragement. You can also choose a personalization with the image of your company, an assortment with the color of the company. Your initial. Your logo. Chocolate is also eaten with the eyes, so why not personalize it in the best way possible.

Chocolate bars for a humble but chic gift

You can give your employees bars of the same brand, but in different flavors. The ones with a fruity aftertaste are the best. Each major brand is unique and elegant in its own way. But for business gifts, you need to choose the best brand and not make a mistake. In fact, before you buy them, make sure that it is chocolate. Read carefully what is written on the package. The percentage of cocoa should be on the front. For the dark 42%, 72%. Some bars contain up to 100% cocoa. They are mainly intended for connoisseurs and those who like a bitter taste. But milk chocolates contain much less. And then read the ingredients on the back of the product.